Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our first trip with D

   This weekend was our annual trip to Cook Forest in Pennsylvania with my husband's family.  We have been doing this trip for about 8 years now.  About 20 people go and we rent four cabins to stay in.  We usually enjoy horseback riding, canoeing, campfires, hiking and s'mores!  This is our first time going since M was diagnosed with D.  The hardest part of the trip (at least D wise) is that each cabin is responsible for a different meal.  This left me no control over what M would be eating or when she would be eating.  It was very difficulty timing her snacks.  I also really didn't know carb counts on foods even though I brought my scale and measuring cups.
   These were just a few of the numbers we saw this weekend, with several in range numbers in between
     M wasn't quite as active as I had anticipated.  It rained most of the weekend so we  were cooped up in the cabin for a while.  We didn't get to go canoeing as the river was too dangerous to let kids on. So she was getting numbers like this.

  So then I changed her insulin to carb ratio to offset inactivity and guess what...the rain stopped and she had numbers like this.

   M also has a string of a BG of 134 four time in a row.  2am check 134, wake up 134. snack 134, lunch 134.  At one point I thought the meter was broken.  Maybe I should play that number in the lottery.  This morning I  found her getting into my backpack.  I asked her what she was doing in there and she said "I feel low"  She was getting her meter and testing herself..sure enough she was low.

   \.  I will post more of my pictures from this weekend later, for now I just want to sleep in my own bed!

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