Saturday, June 1, 2013


     Last night while I was cleaning up after dinner M was watching the Disney Channel.  She came running into the kitchen very excited and said "there's a boy on TV with type 1 diabetes like me!"  I had to see what it was about and thanks to the powers of the DVR I was able to rewind and watch the segment.  It was called The Time I...   This one was about a 12 year old boy with T1D who participated in JDRF's walk to cure diabetes.
Needless to say I wasn't quite excited as M was.   The boy very briefly talked about what T1D was and stated that he had to take medicine (but did not say that how this medicine was given).  He did say that he can do anything his friends can do.  You could see him holding his pump for about 1 second, but you would have to know its an insulin pump to realize what you were seeing.  Most of the segment was about how he participated in the JDRF walk, where it was, and how much money he raised.

    I wish they would have talked more about what causes or doesn't cause T1D, or maybe shown his pump more or correct some diabetes myths.  Maybe I am expecting too much from a channel for kids, but we should educate kids at this age.   Anyway, M was very excited to see a kid like her on TV and will probably be just as excited every time she see's it

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  1. Team Zach Attack :) Justin was super excited to see that too!!