Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last day of school

   Tomorrow is M's last day of school.  I don't know who's more excited, her or me!   Before her D diagnosis in February she had started to fall behind in school and we worked really hard to keep her up to speed.  I didn't know at the time that her blood sugars were probably in the 400-500 range and that was probably why she was having a hard time.  Since diagnosis her grades have come up and she is doing much better but she still works really hard at it.  I think we both need a break.
     The other reason I am happy that tomorrow is the last day of school is all of the end of school festivities that include treats.  Some we were able to plan for, others I did not know about.  She is very good a reading labels and will skip the juice at school parties.  But at the school carnival she kind of forgot about D.  She said "I didn't look at it, I just ate it"  I asked her what she had and she said just some popcorn and shaved ice.  Her numbers weren't that bad. I had told her to skip her snacks at school to be able to eat food at the carnival and I think that helped.

     With other treats she usually brings them home and has me check to see when she can have them  But it's the popsicles and ice cream that ruin this plan -- you just can't bring a popsicle home!  I think the kids have had popsicles or ice cream almost every day the past two weeks!  It's not that she can't have them but with her being on MDI we need to time when she eats and has her snacks.  At least next year I will know to leave a supply of sugar free popsicles at school at the end of the year.

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