Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last day of school lows

   I don't know what's up with M's numbers today.  Maybe it was the dance party for the last day of school, or the fact that she told me she had a doughnut at school so we skipped her afternoon snack.  She also went to her friends house after school and was jumping on the trampoline. Make's me wonder what I did (and I realize it is probably nothing I did, it is just how D is behaving today)
    I know these are not bad lows, but right now she is not where I like her to be before bed.   Here are her numbers for today
     Before breakfast  103
     Before lunch 68
     Before dance party 68
     Before dinner 77
     Before s'mores 76
    After s'mores (which she received no insulin for) 79
    After a yogurt 74
 Along with several other checks that never went over 108

  Just fed her a granola bar and waiting to see where it brings her. Looks like it's going to be a long night.  Guess I'll get to catch up on reading blogs!


  1. Is she still honeymooning? I remember that happened to Justin, and the Dr. had me lower is insulin doses until I started seeing higher numbers again. Just a thought :)

  2. And it could be the extra activity. The trampoline has Amy so low (picture kid skipping in trampoline...that's mine), we actually had her on just 25% of her basal and at one point completely turned off. The effects of exercise can last for 24 hours or more too. I remember asking Amy one day what kind of exercise she was doing, None she said. So I asked what she did at lunchtime. Well, she was chasing so-and-so, skipping and climbing on the monkey bars. We had a good chat about what to consider as exercise now!

  3. Her docter said she is still honeymooning. Today because we were in the car for about four hours as I expected numbers were higher-even had an over 200 before dinner. Must have been the exercise.