Saturday, July 27, 2013

The dog ate her lancing device!

   This is what happened when M left her meter and lancing device where the puppy could reach it.  I'm just glad that it wasn't the meter he decided to chew.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

M 1, diabetes 0

   Last night as I was getting M ready for bed, we were having some snuggle time.  We use this time to talk about our day or read a book.  I asked her if anything was bothering her. What I really wanted to ask is "is there anything about diabetes that is bothering you"
    She said "Well there is one thing, Zach"  She went on to tell me about a kid at her summer camp that was always getting in trouble for doing things he shouldn't be doing.  So then I asked her "is there anything about diabetes that bothers you?"  I just wanted her to know that if she needed to talk about it she could.

   She looked at me confused and said, "No, why would that bother me?" 

   I know that it hasn't been that long since her diagnosis and I'm sure that one day she will get tired of the finger pricks and shots and measuring her food.  But for now, diabetes has no hold over her.  It doesn't bother her. Take THAT diabetes!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Memories of Grandma

   Tonight as I was getting M's nighttime does of Lantus ready.  I got a became a little sad.  This sadness had nothing to do with M's T1D, but rather the memory that that little vial of insulin triggered.  Usually we keep M's insulin in the cupboard at room temperature, but because it has been so hot and I'm not sure our air conditioner can keep up, I have been keeping it refrigerated.  When I took that vial of insulin out of the fridge, it took me back to over 25 years ago.  You see my Grandma was a type 2 diabetic.

     As long as I can remember my grandma took insulin injections.  I remember being a little girl sitting at her kitchen table, watching her fill her syringe and give herself a shot in her thigh (for some reason it was always her thigh.)  But what I remember most was that when she took that vial of insulin out of the refrigerator she would roll it around in her hands a little and it would make a clicking sound as it rolled back and forth over her wedding band.

   So tonight as I got M's insulin ready, I rolled in back and forth in my hand just to hear the sound of it clicking over my wedding band.  I smiled and remembered my grandma.  I wish she were still here for M to meet.  I'm sure they would have great times together, just as I did with her, they could "roll" their insulin together and listen to the sound it would make in my grandma's hands.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

                                Happiness is.... a fully stocked D- supply cupboard.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


   After a month of rain, the hot, sunny, humid days of summer are finally here.  This is the kind of weather M and I live for (I know we're crazy).   Anyway, this weather has meant lots of pool time for us.  M is little fish in the water.
     We swam and were outside all day Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday night she stayed at my Mom's house.  My mom is her backup pancreas after me.  She is her D-grandma.  Again she spent all of Monday outside and in the water.  My mom brought her back home at dinner time dressed in her soccer uniform as her first game was last night. 
     Her blood sugar before dinner was 201.  Not great, but not horrible, I corrected, she ate dinner and we headed to her soccer game.  At soccer she was 247.  I thought maybe the adrenaline sine it was her first game. She had a great time at soccer, even playing in 90 degree weather!
     When we got home and I was getting her ready for bed, I checked her again 311.  What?!?!  After running around for an hour? Could it still be adrenaline from her game?  I didn't think so since she is not super competitive. 

     Then I got her bath ready, took off her soccer shirt and found the culprit.  Sunburn.  She had a pretty significant sunburn on her back (even though she had been wearing lots of sunscreen).  I did some research and found that sunburn can increase blood sugars.  But then again, doesn't everything.  We put on some aloe and hopefully her sunburn and her blood sugars will be better today.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

An (almost) perfect day

   We have been dealing with diabetes for about 6 months now.   Today her number were finally all in range (almost).   She did have one slight low at 67, but she was in the pool for about 5 hours today.    I feel that when she was first diagnosed I was afraid of her going low, so I probably underestimated carbs in her food.  Now that I know she can feel a low I've gotten a little more aggressive in her management. I feel that we are finally getting the hang of this thing called diabetes.  I don't want to say that I am getting "comfortable" with  her diabetes because I will never truly be "comfortable" until there is a cure. 
   A few short months ago I would have never been able to handle a day like today.  It started with breakfast at IHOP where she chose to have the funny face pancake.  It's a chocolate pancake with chocolate chips and whipped cream.  My husband made fun of me for asking for sugar free syrup to go with this, but I really didn't want to add any more carbs to this crazy breakfast.
   In the afternoon we went swimming.  M swam for about 5 hours.  She did several blood sugar checks and all numbers were in range until just before we were done swimming.  We also had birthday cake as today is my husbands birthday.  M had a small piece for her snack and the icing came in handy to treat her low after swimming all day. 
   For dinner M had pasta, which I have never been able to correctly give her insulin for.  I decided to add 15g carbs to what I had the carb count for the past at because she is always high after pasta.  It worked!  In range number at bedtime! 
   Maybe I am not so bad of a pancreas, but then again who knows what tomorrow will bring.  I almost hated to write about her great numbers today as I feel it will jinx us for tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What can a 7 year old girl with type 1 diabetes do (part 2)

   I haven't blogged for a while.  After our trip to Cook Forest.  I was one of the 11 out of our group of 20 that came down with a stomach bug.  None of the kids got sick, thank God M didn't get it.  I hate dealing with her being sick on top of D.
   I wanted to write about some of the fun things we did on our trip, and to show that even with D, M was able to eat and do everything that she has did before D.  The only thing we didn't get to do was go canoeing, and that was because of the weather, not because of D.

    We went horseback riding.  M's horse was named Snickers. Perfect for her as Snickers are her favorite candy bar.

   We climbed the Fire Tower (over 100 steps to the top).  M did this FOUR times.  Me, I'm afraid of heights so I only went up once.

   Enjoying the view at Seneca Point.

    Taking a nature walk.

     Panning for "gold"

     Feeding the animals at the petting zoo

    Eating a homemade fruit popcicle

    And my favorite...  Having her own tattoo parlor on the back porch of the cabin.  She was giving glitter tattoos to all her cousins!

   She also enjoyed eating S'mores and participating the the kids talent show by the campfire.  We had a great trip and can't wait to go back next year!