Tuesday, July 16, 2013


   After a month of rain, the hot, sunny, humid days of summer are finally here.  This is the kind of weather M and I live for (I know we're crazy).   Anyway, this weather has meant lots of pool time for us.  M is little fish in the water.
     We swam and were outside all day Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday night she stayed at my Mom's house.  My mom is her backup pancreas after me.  She is her D-grandma.  Again she spent all of Monday outside and in the water.  My mom brought her back home at dinner time dressed in her soccer uniform as her first game was last night. 
     Her blood sugar before dinner was 201.  Not great, but not horrible, I corrected, she ate dinner and we headed to her soccer game.  At soccer she was 247.  I thought maybe the adrenaline sine it was her first game. She had a great time at soccer, even playing in 90 degree weather!
     When we got home and I was getting her ready for bed, I checked her again 311.  What?!?!  After running around for an hour? Could it still be adrenaline from her game?  I didn't think so since she is not super competitive. 

     Then I got her bath ready, took off her soccer shirt and found the culprit.  Sunburn.  She had a pretty significant sunburn on her back (even though she had been wearing lots of sunscreen).  I did some research and found that sunburn can increase blood sugars.  But then again, doesn't everything.  We put on some aloe and hopefully her sunburn and her blood sugars will be better today.

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  1. Always something ain't it? Ugh! Hope the sunburn goes away quick!