Saturday, July 13, 2013

An (almost) perfect day

   We have been dealing with diabetes for about 6 months now.   Today her number were finally all in range (almost).   She did have one slight low at 67, but she was in the pool for about 5 hours today.    I feel that when she was first diagnosed I was afraid of her going low, so I probably underestimated carbs in her food.  Now that I know she can feel a low I've gotten a little more aggressive in her management. I feel that we are finally getting the hang of this thing called diabetes.  I don't want to say that I am getting "comfortable" with  her diabetes because I will never truly be "comfortable" until there is a cure. 
   A few short months ago I would have never been able to handle a day like today.  It started with breakfast at IHOP where she chose to have the funny face pancake.  It's a chocolate pancake with chocolate chips and whipped cream.  My husband made fun of me for asking for sugar free syrup to go with this, but I really didn't want to add any more carbs to this crazy breakfast.
   In the afternoon we went swimming.  M swam for about 5 hours.  She did several blood sugar checks and all numbers were in range until just before we were done swimming.  We also had birthday cake as today is my husbands birthday.  M had a small piece for her snack and the icing came in handy to treat her low after swimming all day. 
   For dinner M had pasta, which I have never been able to correctly give her insulin for.  I decided to add 15g carbs to what I had the carb count for the past at because she is always high after pasta.  It worked!  In range number at bedtime! 
   Maybe I am not so bad of a pancreas, but then again who knows what tomorrow will bring.  I almost hated to write about her great numbers today as I feel it will jinx us for tomorrow!

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