Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pain in the Ass

   M has been very open about having diabetes.  She will tell anyone that she has diabetes.  With me it's more of a need to know basis.  Sure our friends and family know about her having T1D.  But I don't make a practice of telling people I don't really know about it like she does unless a need arises.  Today was one of those days.
We were at the park and she was playing with a  girl who was there with her grandparents.  The girl went to her grandma for a cookie so M came to me for her snack.  It was close enough to her snack time so I gave her her 15g carb afternoon snack that I had brought with us.  After they were done they went back to playing.  This is when Grandma brought out the fruit roll ups.  Gave two to the girl and said "give one to your friend."   I stopped her and said, "thank you, but she can't have that right now.  She has diabetes and already ate her snack."  

I was waiting for one of the usual comments

---but she's not fat
---she must have ate a lot of candy and pop
---she doesn't look sick
or my all time favorite
---my aunt lost her leg to diabetes

I was mama bear ready to defend my girl.  But instead the grandpa said "Diabetes, that must be a pain in the ass."  I was ready to contradict him but stopped because even though M can do everything that she did before D, yes sometimes diabetes is a pain in the ass.

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