Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What can a 7 year old girl with type 1 diabetes do...(part 1)

   I've been meaning to write and post pictures about M's dance recital for a few weeks now.  Her dance recital was the Thursday before father's day with rehearsals earlier in the week.  M take ballet, jazz and hip hop.  She also does gymnastics one day a week too!
    So my title for this post is what can a 7 year old girl with T1D do?  Well she can be part of a three and a half hour dance show where she was in three dances, plus the finale. She can get through a 5 hour dress rehearsal and a two hour staging rehearsal.  By the way this is when she actually was able to feel a low for the first time-I guess trying to do a arabesque with a low blood sugar would be kind of difficulty.
    During the show she wanted to stay backstage with her friends instead of coming to the audience with me between her dance numbers.  I let her go.  We checked blood sugar when I dropped her off back stage.  She had her meter and some juice.  I felt better that one of the mom's backstage helping out was a nurse,but she still wouldn't be able to give M her full attention because she was in charge of so many little girls.  So I made sure M knew to check before they started to line up to go on stage.  I gave the mom my cell number and told her to text me with any issues.  I went backstage at intermission and tested her blood sugar and gave her her Lantus injection and her snack.  I was a little concerned that her blood sugar was high but figured it was the excitement.

   She did a great job with her dances and finally smiled on stage (she has been dancing for four years and would not smile on stage)

   After the show I found out why her blood sugars were high.  She said all of her friends were having a snack so she ate some of the candy I left her to treat a low, then she ate the snack I bought back at intermission.  Now I know next year to leave her snack backstage and just let her eat it when she wants.

  This is what a 7 year old with T1D can do.  Dance, stay with her friends and learn that the candy is her purse is just for lows!

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