Friday, June 14, 2013

I think my daughter has a built in CGM

   I have noticed a trend with M lately.  Let my start by saying that M has had a tic disorder since she was about 2 years old.  She has hereditary transient tic disorder.  Basically she has different tics she does and her tics will change every few months to maybe a year.  Some examples of her tics have been sighing (her first tic), nodding her head, rolling her eyes, squeaking, coughing and blowing on her fingers.  Sometimes I don't even realize what she is doing is a tic until one of my sister in laws (who's daughters also have tics) asks "is that her new tic?"  
   Right now she has two tics of choice (is it a choice?)  She blows on her fingers or she will cough.  Usually her tics increase when she is tired or anxious about something (for example the first day of school.)  I have noticed another trend with her tics.  They increase when her BG is over 200, especially as it approaches 250.    This probably is also why her tics where so bad January, right before her diagnosis.  I am going to have to keep track of this to see if it continues to correlate this way.  Now if only we could find something to alert me to lows!

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