Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bad Pancreas

     Today I was a bad pancreas.  This morning M had staging rehearsal for her dance recital (dress rehearsal is on Tues and the show is Thurs.)  Anyway we had to be at the auditorium at 9 this morning.  M had her usual breakfast and we got her ready, rushed to there it time to find parking, as parking downtown is horrible.   I thought the fact that she left two small strawberries would be fine as her morning BG was fairly high for her.  I should have know better since she has been having a run of lows.  I really meant to check her again when we got there but in the rush of finding parking and getting her in on time just forgot.  
     I was watching her practice her ballet on stage and noticed she just seemed off, she wasn't lifting her arms the full way up and just didn't look right to me.  After she was done she came running to me, "Mom, I feel low."  She has never felt a low before (even when she had a 46).  As I was getting her meter out I asked "how do you feel?"  She said her legs felt "shaky"   I checked her and she was 60.   A juice box and granola bar later she was at 115.  She did her jazz and hip hop numbers just fine.  I guess 2 small strawberries really do make a difference.

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