Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Seeing Red

   Today as I was eating my lunch at work I was on my kindle looking at facebook.  This is when I saw a post from my college age niece that made me so upset I replied back without even taking a moment to think.
I've seen the post before, it was something like if Johnny has 60 candy bars and eats 30 what does he have... diabetes.  She posted how she thought this was so funny, and many of her friends commented that they loved it.  Before M was diagnosed with T1D, I would have known that this statement is wrong but would have just ignored it.  Instead I replied.  It was not my most eloquent or most polite reply on facebook.  At least I didn't reply in all caps!  I said something like this (only I think it was much worse)-- This post make me angry, Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, you do not get it by eating too much candy (and type 2 has a genetic link)  It is posts like this that show just how ignorant the general population is.  This is the type of comment that M has to live with the rest of her life.
      Immediately after replying I felt bad.  I should have used this to educate her and her friends without putting so much emotion in it.  I tried to reply again but she had removed the post.  Next time I will walk away and think before I reply to something, but I just couldn't stop myself, I was seeing red and wanted to fight back (even though it was with my 20 year old niece).  So what do you think my niece will say when I ask her to be on our JDRF walk team?  Maybe I can educate her in a more polite manner when we ask her.

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