Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our first endo visit

     Today was M's first "real" visit to the pediatric endocrinologist.  (We did have a visit shortly after diagnosis but everything was still a blur then).  Her visit brought to mind the Facts of Life theme song.

     You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have our first endo visit!

      First the good.  M's A1C was 7.2.  I thought this was great seeing that at diagnosis in Feb she was some where around 14!  I expected something between 9 and 10.  I know its not a report card, but I still feel that it is.  They said we are doing a great job in such a short time.

   Now the bad.  M's thyroid is enlarged, so far her thyroid function is fine but they want to keep an eye on it.  I have a thyroid disorder so this didn't come as a surprise.  Also they noticed a slight scoliosis.  Also they want to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse to refer us to Ortho.   Lastly no pump yet.   This office likes to wait a year from diagnosis for a pump.  They feel she is still in her honeymoon phase and producing too much insulin on her own to switch to a pump.  I wanted to say bull****.  I know from reading other T1D blogs that many kids start much sooner!  But, I decided to keep my mouth shut and just wait.  Who know what new technology may be out by next February.

   Overall I am proud of my little girl!  She has handled this very well and often insisted on doing her own D care.  In her words "I'm going to have to do it my self one day, so you might as well let me do it now!"


  1. Many families do wait a year before starting. They never even mentioned it to us here. We were on fixed doses of NPH in the morning and at bedtime and a slight ratio of NR for breakfast and supper (the NPH covered lunch as not to do anything at school at lunchtime, no nurse).
    We started the paperwork and process just after christmas this past year and started in February, just 10 days past the first diaversary.
    In some ways I'm glad we waited, in others what a difference in scheduling it can make. The convenience is just amazing.
    What a great drop in A1C, we are still hovering at 9.0 after a year. I think its coming down way to slow and can't wait to see what a difference the pump on for a full 3 months makes a difference.

    1. Just was disappointed because they initially told us 6 months. Oh well, better that the "you have to wait until she is 12 years old" the one diabetes educator told us

    2. One one diabetes educator actually said that to you? That's crazy!
      Hopefully you will be able to start sooner than the year.

  2. Maybe once you hit your 6/9 month mark you can change their mind. If she is ready there is no reason to force her to wait. I know a lot of endos like you to be carb counting pro's and understand how basal rates and ratios work, but if you feel comfortable, call bull ****, no one will advocate for her like her mamma ;). We were on NPH for a year and a half, by choice. Justin(dx'd at age 7 in Oct. 2008) wasn't interested. I honestly had to persuade him to try it... now he wouldn't go back to shots if we paid him.

    Way to go on the A1c and I hope that the rest is just a fluke.

  3. I know it sucks to have to wait a year to get a pump, especially because a lot of people get on them earlier. I actually could have gotten a pump after a few months but decided to wait the year like they suggest and I'm so glad I did. Diabetes is a huge change as it is and a pump is another big change. I am definitely a fan of waiting the year for a pump.