Saturday, May 11, 2013

Diabetes is not funny

  I wrote a few days ago about my niece's facebook post and my response.  I did feel bad about how I replied and sent her a message about why I reacted like I did.  This is what I said

     Sorry about my comment to your post yesterday, but it just made me mad.  It is misconceptions like that that M has to live with the rest of her life.  I may have thought that post was funny at one tome too, but once you have a child with a disease where an everyday illness can send her to the ER it is not funny anymore.
     When you have a 6 year old that has to poke her finger up to 10 times a day to check her blood sugar and get 4 shots a day to keep her alive it's not funny. When you have a little girl who can't go play a t a friends house because she has to check her blood sugar and get shots and have every bite of food she takes carb counted and can't do this on her own, it's not funny.  I hope you understand why I replied like I did.

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