Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday

     This Friday was M's 7th birthday.  She had a great birthday weekend and diabetes behaved itself, mostly.  On Thursday she took a birthday treat to school, she wanted chocolate cupcakes.  I thought her BG would be high when she came home but she was 93.  Hate to think of how low she would have been if she hadn't brought cupcakes!
    Friday was her birthday.  Her school was having early dismissal so we decided to keep her home and do something fun for the day.  We took her swimming at the rec center and played on the playground.  Her BG numbers were great all day.
     Saturday was her party with her friends.  She wanted a Chuck E Cheese party.  Not the easiest place to manage T1D, but it's where she had wanted her party since before her diagnosis and I wasn't about to let diabetes tell us to change it.  We went into the party with a BG of 101.  I made sure she had water instead of fruit punch in her cup and estimated 75 carbs in the food she was going to eat.  She had a great day with her friends.  
     When we go home that's when the sniffles she had been fighting turned into a full blown cold.  Haven't been able to get her out of the 200's since (except when I over corrected and briefly sent her low).  Hopefully today she will be feeling better and her numbers will be in range.

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