Monday, February 17, 2014

Lesson Learned

     There has been much on the news lately about the weather.  The sub-zero temps, the snow in the south and the ice in between.  Every time I hear about people that are stranded in their cars I can't help but think if any of them have T1D, or are with their children with T1D.  What do they do if stuck for a long period of time?  Do they have enough with them to treat a low? This weekend I found out exactly what it is like to be stuck in the car with a kid with T1D and limited food supplies. 

   I was taking M and her best friend KP snow tubing.  The roads were a little snow covered, but we live near the snow belt so a little snow doesn't bother me.  We were on the interstate when a saw a police car and flares, with the officer signaling to people to slow down. We slowed to a crawl and then a complete stop.  We hadn't eaten lunch yet because we were planning to eat when we got to the snow tubing place.  At this point M says, "Mom I feel low."  She checks 58.  I grab my purse which is usually stocked with snacks, only to realize that I have not replaced snacks in my purse for a while.  I have 8 glucose tabs and 2 granola bars.  We have a half  bottle of water in the car.  I give M 2 glucose tabs. I should have given her 3 but I was rationing.  I check the traffic report on my phone as find out that there is a multi-vehicle crash ahead of us.  We are going to be here for a while.

   40 minutes later, M says she feels low again. She is 78.  Also both girls are saying they are hungry.  At this point KP tells me she didn't eat breakfast this morning.  I have 2 hungry girls, one with T1D and 2 smooshed granola bars.  Do I save them both for M, or do I give one to each girl assuming we won't be stuck long?  I give one to each girl and they share the water. 

   Over all we were stuck for close to 2 hours.  I know this wasn't a long time.  But with a kid with T1D in the car and limited supplies it felt like forever.  I can't imagine being stuck much longer.  We made it to the snow tubing place and had a great time, complete with a hot chocolate break.  I also stopped and got some snacks to have in the car for the trip back!  I learned my lesson.  I will always keep plenty of snacks a glucose tabs in the car at all times!

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