Friday, April 11, 2014


     As for most people weekday morning are usually a rush here.  Getting ready for work and school, packing lunches, making sure M has all her diabetes supplies in her purse for school...   M usually likes to sleep as long as possible so that only leaves her time for a breakfast that she can eat fairly quickly.  Most mornings this means a bowl of cereal.  The problem with this breakfast is that about 2 to 3 hours later her blood sugar spikes to almost 300, followed by a rapid drop to the point of being low before lunch.  This is a big chunk of her school day where she is not in range and probably not feeling her best or able to learn as well as if she were in range.  We have tried different basal settings and different insulin to carb ratios and nothing works...until now!

     I read this week about the superbolus and thought this is something that might help M.  Basically I take the next 2 hours of basal, and that to the suggested bolus for her breakfast and then turn off her basal for 2 hours.  This is how the superbolus works.  In the morning M's basal rate is 0.35 units/hour.  To make thing easy lets say that her breakfast bouls for her cereal is 2.00 units.   Instead of 2 units I add the next 2 hours of basal and give her 2.70 units instead.  Then I turn off her basal for the next 2 hrs. 

   We did this today with great results.  Her breakfast spike was only 40 points and she was a happy 102 before lunch.  I will continue to try this and see if it keeps working for her!


  1. I've been wanting to try this. Amy's worse time of day is that darn breakfast spike! Maybe next week during spring break.

  2. I'm totally going to try this with my monkeys breakfast this week! I had read about it before & then forgotten about it. Now I'm actually excited for cereal lol :-)