Thursday, February 6, 2014

One Year

     One year ago today M was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  In that year she has poked her fingers at least 3,285 times to check her blood sugar.  She had 1,256 shots of insulin before switching to the pod.  Since starting on Omnipod, she had had 18 pod changes.  A pod change is not simply sticking the pod on her skin.  A needle pierces her skin and a soft cannula is left in her that the insulin goes through.

    Today is an ordinary day for M.  She went to school like any ordinary 7 year old, she is doing her homework right now like any ordinary 7 year old, and she will go to her dance class later and dance just like the other 7 year olds in her class. We will go to Panera oour after dance class tradition and she will eat soup and a cookie just like any other kid. (Yes, she can eat cookies!)

     Less than 100 years ago Type 1 Diabetes was a death sentence.  Most kids with T1D did not live a year from diagnosis.  Even though there is no cure for T1D, I am thankful for the insulin and technology that keeps my daughter alive and lets her have these ordinary days.


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