Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We're just here for the free shrimp

     Since M has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I find myself saying things to her that other people may misinterpret.  For example me asking her "You're cranky today are you high?"  This comment I made to her that now make me laugh the most when I think of it happened a few weeks ago.
      My husband's sister Julie invited us over on one of the first nice nights this spring.  She was having a fire in her fire pit and we would have drinks and something to eat.  I knew we would be there late so M ate her dinner and we would eat at Julies for M's 15g carb night time snack.   Now Julie's idea of a night by the fire is not the hotdogs and Smores that we have at our house.  No, Julie is the Martha Stewart of the family.  She had wine, cheese and crackers, oyster po-boys, steamed shrimp along with lots of other food.
     I was helping M figure out what she could eat when I saw the big bowl of chilled shrimp.  I said "M  eat as many shrimp as you want they are free!"   This is when I saw my brother in law look at us kind of  funny.  No I am not a cheapskate, I know you paid a lot of money for the shrimp.  Yes, I do buy my daughter shrimp.  I did not feel like explaining what "free"  means to a family with a kid with T1D, but now when I think of that night it makes me laugh.  I wonder if they'll have shrimp the next time we visit.

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