Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm not relaxing, I'm my daughter's pancreas

   I was sitting in the waiting area of my daughter's gymnastics class yesterday.  Before her diagnosis I would drop her off and then either run errands, make dinner, work out or get some stuff done around the house.  Since she was diagnosed with T1D I now has to stay at her gymnastics and dance classes to check BG and treat lows (M is starting to do her own BG checks but I'm not sure if she could do it if she were feeling low).   While I am waiting I will read a book.  As I was sitting there yesterday another mom stated, "Wow it must be nice to just be able to sit and relax with a book.  I'm so stressed.  I'm trying to get packed for a trip to Florida this weekend for a wedding and still need to find shoes for my daughter's flower girl dress."
     I did not reply (although next time I probably will) because just a few short months ago packing for a trip or might has been something I would have been stressed about.  Now I am stressed because I worry that my daughter may not wake up in the morning because her BG went low.  Or I am stressed if her readings are too high because of the damage that may occur in her future.  No, I am not sitting here relaxing, I am worrying about what gymnastics is doing to her BG, and if she will realize if she is low and come out for me to check her.  I am stressed because a have been fighting with the insurance company to get the supplies I need to keep her alive, I am not stressed about finding shoes!
    I did not wish on this mom to experience what I am, but next time I hope she thinks about why I am the only mom who stays at gymnastics with her daughter, that there just might be a reason.  And if I really wanted to relax I would not do it at the stinky gymnastic waiting room!

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