Monday, April 15, 2013

Mom pancreas vs Dad pancreas

     I had to work this weekend, which meant the majority of M's D care went to my husband this weekend.  Let me start by saying that I may have a little control freak bordering on OCD personality.  My husband is a much more laid back, fly by the seat of your pants kind of person.
     Mom pancreas weighs and measures all food, schedules meals and snacks and is always thinking of what is coming next.  If going to a restaurant Mom pancreas asks M what she wants to eat befor we leave the house and finds the carb counts for what she wants.  Mom pancreas has memorized the carbs in M's favorite foods and looks to see how these foods affect her BG readings.
     Dad pancreas eyeballs serving sizes and doesn't worry about schedules.  He does not plan ahead what M is going to eat and lets her decide at the restaurant what she wants to eat.  He assumes that if  M's carb to insulin ration is 1:30 at breakfast it is that way all day.
    This weekend Dad pancreas was put to the test.  Guess what, perfect numbers when M was in Dad pancreas's care.  Not even the low after her hip hop class that mom usually gets.  When Mom pancreas came home and took back over--- a big fat 269.  Maybe mom pancreas needs to learn a little from Dad pancreas and sometimes just go with the flow.  Hopefully when M grows up and does her own D care she will take a little bit from both of our styles.

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