Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Omnipod.. One month in

   M has been on the Omnipod insulin pump for a little over a month now.  For the most part we love it.  It has given her more freedom with when she eats.  We see less spikes in her blood sugar because we are now giving insulin for snacks.  And it is super easy to use!  M has been able to go to her friends house, call me with what she is going to eat, and is able to check her blood sugar and bolus on her own for the carbs that I tell her to enter in. 
    The only thing she doesn't like is pod change days.  She says it hurts more than a shot but does say it is better to only have to do it once every three days.  We haven't tried and numbing cream yet, but I offered it to her and she did not want to use it.  As long as she gets to push the button herself to insert the cannula it goes fairly well.

   We are having trouble getting her basal rate set right.  She started on the pump over Christmas break when she wasn't as active and her blood sugar reading were great.  Since M has gone back to school, and dance, and gymnastics she has been having a lot of low. (I actually just had to get her juice for a low as I was writing this!)  I have decreased her basal and set temp basal decreased for activity.  But she still is going low
    On the other end, I have  noticed that her blood sugar tends to rise near the middle to end of the third day of the pod.  I asked around why this could be.  Some people said that Humalog is more sensitive to heat and if she is active and hot may not work as well by the third day.  We have to switch to Novalog next time I refill prescriptions (our insurance no longer covers Humalog) so I will see if this makes a difference.

   I did have to give her a shot on Sunday (third day of pod).  He blood sugar kept rising, when it was close to 500 I told that I needed to giver her a shot because I thought something was wrong with the pod and then I would change the pod.  Well to put it in her words she "freaked out".  It's amazing how after just one month she does not want shots anymore.   When I pointed this out to her she decided that changing a pod every three days was not so bad after all.

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