Monday, November 25, 2013

Still waiting for a pump

   We started the process of getting M on a pump on September 26.   At the class they told us she would be on a pump in between 2-4 weeks.  Two months later and still no pump.  We have run into several roadblocks.  The first was waiting for Omnipod to call us back.  Not sure why that took almost 2 weeks.  Then it was waiting to see if the DME company that our insurance covers was going to carry the Omnipod.  another 3 weeks to find out that yes they will.   Then the problem was getting the paperwork from M's endocrinologist.   In those 5 weeks M's Dr had left the practice.   The Dr that she will be seeing from now on would not sign the paperwork.  She stated that M was not her patient.  We don't follow up again until December 10th. It took another 2 weeks to get this straightened out. 

     Finally with all the paperwork we need comes the insurance authorization.  I know our insurance and I know this will take a long time.  Then on Saturday I get a call from Omnipod.  Seems our insurance needs more information.  They want the notes from M's last 2 endo visits, her last two A1C labs, and a month of BG logs.  Really????  They are going to take the time to look at all of that!  Anyway, being a Saturday there was not much I could do to get the notes from the Dr.  So that is what I will be doing today.  I just hope we don't get a hard time from the Dr.s office again.  The lady I spoke with from Omnipod said if I get her the information on Monday,  we could possibly have the pump by the end of the week.  Fingers crossed that this is true and M can be on her pump before Christmas!

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