Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting ready for a pump!

      During M's last endo visit she said she felt we were ready to start a pump.  We attended pre-pump class this week.  It was a class that went over the basics of pumping and gave an overview of the pumps M's Dr prefers.  I was worried because I had already done my research and M and I have looked at some pumps, so we were already fairly certain that the Omnipod is the right choice for her.  I have read that some pediatric endos don't use the Omnipod and when I asked at our appointment our endo said, you will see all the pumps we recommend at your pre pump class.

   When we walked into the room all the pumps were on a table.  There it was and Omnipod.  I could tell M was happy because we had been thinking about a second choice (animis ping was her second choice).  But she really wanted the Omnipod because of it being tubeless.

    After the class I had to take a test on carb counting and on pump basics.  Then the next day I called the rep at Omnipod to order M's pump.  Now to wait to see what our insurance will pay.  Our insurance is usually very slow to give authorization.  I think M thought she would get her pump the next day.  I told her lets hope to have it by Christmas.  Wouldn't that be a great Christmas gift!.

   Today was also of JDRF walk day.  We raised $1,102.  It was a beautiful day for the walk.  M enjoyed getting her face painted and picking up all the free stuff from the various vendors.  I participated in the Tial Net Study, and we even scored two sample vials of Humalog!   We had a great time.  I will post pictures later!

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